Small Joys

The world seems a little soft today, as though there is a cushioning layer between it and myself.  It means that I don’t have much hustle, but then again I have lots of appreciation.

I’m happy in a dozen small ways.

Noticing the way the light is waking up the day rather than the day beginning far earlier than the light.

Enjoying the way Tias looks me in the eyes.

Watching Sandra pole-vault into womanhood with grace, humour, and intellect.

Reading a silly book.

Anticipating a getaway.  Toronto. For a few days.  But it isn’t here, I won’t have to tidy or cook, and there will be dozens of moments with new sounds, new streets, new shops, new ideas. The kids stay here, and Rainer gets to feel like he’s spoiling me rotten. Which he is. I’ve enviously watched him leave for this conference year after year at a season when I desperately want change and distraction. And now I’m going along.

Smiling while basking in the glow of knowing that my Olympic vest/T-shirt is blocking upstairs and will be ready to wear on Wednesday when we leave for Toronto.

Watching the kids rediscover Lego.

Finding Sandra’s paintings and Tias’ drawings all over the house.

Finally posting the picture of my Olympic crochet:


Crochet potholder


It’s my second Ravelympics project, but the first finished. My very first crochet motif. I made it 2 rounds bigger so that I can use it as a pot holder. Crochet reminds me of sketching somehow – the way you draw it stitch by stitch, line by line.

Pattern: Motif #25, “Beyond the Square” by Edie Eckman
Yarn: Noro Kureyon, unknown colour

My sister and I are doing a CAL. Every month I’m going to send her a postcard with a motif number on it and that’s what we’ll work on that month. She’s quite good at crochet, and I was glad she was around last weekend to help me negotiate this motif, even though it is so very simple.


5 thoughts on “Small Joys

  1. Barbara Rall says:

    The colors in the crochet project are just amazing and the crochet work itself is lovely. I took a course from Edie Eckman at Stitches East two years ago. I was a total failure, couldn’t get it to save my life.

    Have a wonderful time on your few days away. There’s nothing like a vacation from the kids. It helps you appreciate and enjoy them that much more when you get home.

    • Edie Eckman says:

      Hi Barbara-
      You weren’t a “failure”! You just didn’t have success learning to crochet in that environment. It’s a wonder anyone can learn anything new when they are away from the comfort of home, with lots of distraction, possibly bad lighting and an uncomfortable chair, as well.

      Let’s give it another go, if you like.

      Contact me and let’s see what we can do about turning you into a crocheter.

      And Sarah: I love the motif!


  2. Amy says:

    It sounds like a perfectly lovely morning. Your crochet project sounds fun. I just taught myself how to crochet a granny square and am eager to try other motifs.

  3. Rora114 says:

    I love, love, love that Rainer surprises you with getaways! It’s like you two are still teenagers in love. So wonderful.

    And your crochet is wonderful! You make it sound like you’ve never crocheted before, yet you’ve got at least 2 projects done…

    I’m super excited about this year-long journey we’re on, though. Such a wonderful, thoughtful, fun gift you’ve given me!!

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