one hour of anticipation

Anticipation is one of the most joyful delights, isn’t it? I have one hour of it left before me.

One hour to sit in front of the full-spectrum lamp and banish the winter blues before getting a hustle on and getting us all ready and out of the house.

One hour upon which to think
…of the fact that Mother Nature did her best to make me enjoy this little getaway by dropping the temperature back to -29. (Toronto is currently -4)

…of the fact that for 3 days I will not cook or clean or stop someone from bickering.

…of the fact that I will be visiting a yarn store with money in my pocket and two sweaters in mind.

…of the fact that I have stopped wishing for a grey sweater because I have made myself a grey sweater.

…of the fact that I will have free time on my hands and new places to wander.

Olympic Sweater

…one hour of anticipation left to me.


18 thoughts on “one hour of anticipation

  1. Barbara Rall says:

    Sweater is beautiful. Have a wonderful time away.
    I’ve done kind of the opposite. Late last night arrived in rainy, chilly Portland, OR–deserted sunny FL for some fun and games with my two year old twin grands. They will be my sunshine this coming week.

  2. Amy says:

    Ooh, your sweater turned out lovely! Enjoy your trip. I’m with Elizabeth. I love anticipation and I’ve never understood the joy in surprises either.

  3. Mrs. A says:

    Sweater turned out great! Have a wonderful trip! You’re headed to my neck of the woods…it’s rainy. And slushy. But as T.O. never has any snow, you should be good!

  4. Mariah says:

    The vest is just lovely. Lovely. Writing up a pattern for us non-designers?

    Your trip has inspired me to plan a getaway for scott and i as a birthday gift for him. The wheels are turning.

    Have a wonderful, restful, playful time.

  5. Rora114 says:

    You’re there. Are you having fun yet? When do you go to the yarn store? What wonderful things have you concocted with your amazing hosts? Don’t you love their house?

    Update meeeeeee!!!!!

    (miss you)

    Schwester K

  6. Sarah says:

    I have a question about your full-spectrum lamp. I see ‘full-spectrum’ bulbs in the store and I was wondering if you know how these differ from the ‘simulates daylight’ bulbs, if they are actually different at all.

    Hope you don’t mind the question, but I’ve had a hard time finding the answers elsewhere!

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