Enjoying the Olympics

We are having a blast watching the Olympics, are you?  We love the oddity of these sports, so many clearly invented by people with cabin fever: “We have slippery surfaces and too much energy…what do you say to a little speed?!”

I was curious, while watching the Opening Ceremonies, what people from other nations thought of it.  It was often breath-taking, often beautiful, often evocative.  The bits where things didn’t work so well had me holding my breath – oh, dear, oh dear, please let it work….

Often, it was the words that caught my attention.  Donald Sutherland’s reading of the various quotes was incredible, wasn’t it?  Sweeping words, a deep, measured voice.  Of course, you know the quotes really played to my love of quotes.  But…quotes?  Really?  We’re citing in an international display?  How incredible and rare was that?

If you’re wondering what Canadians are thinking about it, here is a piece written by a newspaper columnist that I particularly enjoyed:“The Idea of Canada, on display”.

“But on Friday night in a building whose roof is held up with air, it was a strange and moving play, about the wavering but rooted experience of being a Canadian.”

His point about the importance of the words in the ceremony being brave in this ‘word-hating’ age of sound bites is bang on as are his obsevervations about the speech given by the CEO of the Vancouver Games.

A few other interesting links for those loving the Olympic coverage:

Blogger and yarn-dyer extraordinaire Ruth of Knitting on Impulse, lives in Whistler and has a husband who is volunteering at the Skeleton run.  She’s designed an incredible, creative sweater to wear around while the Olympic festivities take her outside.  You’ve got to see it.  You’ll also enjoy her candid shots of Whistler during the Games and her perspective on the important moments of the day. Yes, I did tear up when I saw this post of hers – something triggered by the mental picture I conjured of the incredible feeling of achievement those athletes must be feeling to be wearing their team gear and walking those streets.

This interview with Bilodeau after his gold medal win conveys such a humble joy.  It is grace and dignity and non-ego and it is, therefore, to be watched and delighted in.  (I hope the link works for you even outside Canada. I know many American links to videos won’t let me watch them.)

And for a bit of Olympic humour, a strategy for the Games of 2030.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Olympics

  1. Bobbi says:

    We too are enjoying the Olympics. I loved the quotes. I loved the tap dancing fiddlers. And the poetry. and K.D. Lang. Wow. It was just wow. I have Canada envy. Here they keep playing this breathtakingly beautiful tourism commercial.

  2. Anne says:

    That sweater left me breathless!
    Thanks for your Olympics post. We are only watching bits and pieces over here but I’m enjoying people’s reactions to them.

  3. knittingunderwater says:

    I got a bit upset at reading some comments on certain forums about how the opening ceremonies were boring, dull, etc. I mean, didn’t they get how wonderful they were??? However so many elements reached down into my Canadian roots, and left me very moved. How many things did I love, that just didn’t translate outside Canada? Just another reason to say “No” when people suggest we should become another State. There are many compnents that make up the Canadian identity that are unique, and separate from other places.
    Anne B.

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