Thinking I’ve got this. Learning it’s surprisingly difficult to pick up how layers of colours will interact. Riotously happy every step of the way. 


Undyed yarn like the brown, snow-flattened vegetation. 

Little pots like the planting of seeds. 

Mini skeins. Mighty experiments. A bouquet for spring. 

job’s not done yet

The snow gnomes were hopeful last week that they were done their job of overseeing the winter season. They come out at first snowfall and stay til the last little bit of snow melts in the yard. But they’ll have to keep at it for a while longer it seems. 

Sunday morning bustle 

Sandra and I are getting ready to shoot a video tutorial for a one row buttonhole I used in the plaid cowl. We’ve recruited a lot of the lightening from the dining room and living room! Not to mention one of the drapes in the wall of curtains that hides our three messy homeschooling shelves.