breaking it

While exploring WordPress themes for the possibility of a new website for my knitting designs, I accidentally pressed “activate” rather than “demo” and WordPress happily indulged me. There is no Revert setting or Undo, at least that I can find.


For a horrible, panic-inducing moment last night my blog looked like that. Like the blue side of an artsy Rubics cube.

I have utterly no idea what theme I used to use, and so I have selected one that doesn’t bother me in any way (that I know currently) and seems to have a nice look.

So welcome to the new face of the Blog! I’m glad that the unintentional remodelling happened here and not in my physical home.

Working it

I’ve been commuting this week and this was my view. Vast, sweeping vistas of wind-sculpted snow, peeping contrasts of golden stalks, and blue-blue shadows under endless skies. If I dyed yarn I’d try to capture these beautiful shades. 

I’ve been commuting to a town about 35 minutes away for a small business seminar. It was all the things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Or at least a pointed hint that I didn’t know it and it should go on a list. 

 It was a week just jammed with things I’m uncomfortable with, frankly. But now they mostly make sense in a way that will at the very least let me look them up and understand what I’m reading.  

I’ve written such a list! And the test knitters are busy asking questions and sharing pictures of their versions of the cowl so I’ve been busy on the knitting side of things, too. 

I’ve even registered my business name.  I’ll leave you guessing for a while. I want the logo to be part of the reveal and that is still an item on the list rather than a reality. 

Anyone want to guess the name? I welcome all of your guesses, especially joke names. 

A little brainstorming

I still refuse to make lists of projects and patterns that are specifically going to happen. No goals. Knit happy. But 6 weeks into the year I am ready to start brainstorming the kinds of things the people around me need or want. As totally optional ideas not obligations. There’s a bit of a mitten problem in the house, for instance.


Look who I am putting top of the list, though. I never think to do that.

you’re my favourites


All the people who voted for me and supported me are my favourite people today! You guys are wonderful! You helped me win.

I’m so excited. This contest was something that inspired me to turn hopes into goals, and ideas into plans. That fire to accomplish things alone has been worth participating. The outpouring of support that accompanied it was just…super!

Thanks to the generous, creative woman behind A Playful Day podcast. If you’re interested in knitting and not using the internet to hang out with A Playful Day, you should be. She’s got a great blog and a wonderful podcast. I’m really grateful to her for putting this contest together and I’m looking forward to her advice.

Right now I’m working on typing up the first draft of the pattern, well, after I finish running around doing a Muppet-inspired happy dance that involves a lot of arm flailing. It’s funny, but I bought Kate Atherley’s book “Pattern Writing for Knit Designers” when it first came out a few weeks ago, and now I feel that emailing her the pattern to tech edit is going to be like handing in a final exam to Professor Knitter! Did I read the book, absorb its principles, follow the checklist?

I’m really excited to talk to Jeni at Fyberspates and decide what colours I’ll use to work up the final cowl because her company will be providing yarn support for the pattern. (My family keeps giving me a funny look when I say, “Yarn support”. It isn’t a bra, it’s yarn from a company to knit up a design.) It means that I will be getting luscious yarn from the U.K.. And that means a very good mail day, indeed!

I’m grateful for you today. Thanks, everyone, for being awesome.