vest swatch

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The vest I am designing to be knit during the frenzy that is the Knitting Olympics/Ravelympics. It’s a twisted stitch cable from my much poured-over trio of books on Austrian twisted stitch cables. I can spend hours just staring at those patterns. I love the curves of this pattern, the sinuous circular forms so seldom seen in knitting.

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vest swatch
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Questions I’m asking myself:

Do I want to border the cable panel with a line of single twisted stitch on either side or do I prefer the look of it alone on the purled background?

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vest swatch

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Do I want to do a simple twisted rib as edging or go with a repeat of a cable –  either the X or the O variation?

(I played with this second cable. Staring at it for a while while knitting a simple sock, I realized that if I knit certain rows I’d get an X instead of the beautiful O. So I tried it out. It worked like a charm!)

Do I want to try for a more tunic length given the amount of yarn I have?

Do I want to put little cap sleeves on? (Inspired by this and this.)

What fun that Vest-uary, the Olympics, and my love of grey knitwear are all coming together!


9 thoughts on “swatching.thinking

  1. Rora114 says:

    I think a tunic length vest would be great.

    I like the little bits of ribbing popping up at some points – will you do the edge like that, or are those just trials? I think it’d look neat if you left them there.

  2. Ann says:

    LOVE the cable! I’d vote for leaving it plain on its bed of purl bumps because it makes it stand out more. I’d also go for a more simple ribbed edging–again, because I think it will make the cable pop more.

    Leave off the cap sleeves–they’re trendy now, but will look dated in a few years. I also think cap sleeves look better on little girl clothes than on clothes for adult women. Just my opinion, though.

    Beautiful knitting!

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