I’ve changed my mind about the design of the vest. I had thought to base the vest on the Devon that I knit last year for Vest-uary. It is done seamlessly from the bottom.

~ : ~
Devon Vest
~ : ~

Since I added a panel of lattice to it last year, I knew that adding a cable panel would work well.

But I would like to have the cap sleeves in addition to as much length as I can and a top-down raglan done with tiny sleeves is the simplest method I can think of to achieve that. The notion of a little, grey, cabled T shirt makes me a little giddy.

~ : ~
~ : ~

I’ve been a layering kind of girl for a good 8 years and I can’t see why it’s taken me so long to think of knitting a T-shirt layer so that I can mix warmth with the look occasionally. I mean, I know I’m cold-blooded like a lizard and all, but I’m not always in the mood for sweaters.

And, frankly, the fact that anything is exciting me is something I need to follow. Because of this:

~ : ~
Winter Layers

~ : ~

It’s getting to be late winter, with the promise of spring is still months away.  That means that my usual late winter feelings are here, even with the use of the full-spectrum light box.  The light therapy keeps my energy levels pretty normal, my winter depression at bay, and most of those food cravings away.  But I still feel winter’s largeness peeling away at my zest for life, my contentment with the life of deep family involvement that I’ve chosen.  I’ve been feeling it more and more these past few weeks, like peeling layers off an onion.

So if anything makes me a little more interested in life, a little more like laughing, a little more like myself, than that’s something I’m going to follow.


7 thoughts on “Impulsive

  1. Barbara Rall says:

    I really understand how you feel about winter. I retired two years ago and am now doing something I would never have imagined. I’m a snowbird. We spend four months in Florida. I wake up each day and tell my husband how happy I am. I can only imagine it’s the sunshine. It sure hasn’t been all that warm (although warmer than NJ where we spend the rest of the year), but I can get outside every day and it really lifts my spirits.

  2. Rora114 says:

    Sounds like a wonderful plan! Plus, this way you can simply knit till you run out of yarn, or reach the right tunic length, whichever happens first.

    Also: your first little ~:~ is right about where a moustache would be. I love it.

  3. Big Mamma Frog says:

    Yeah…feeling the long winter here too. Just grateful that we had a patch of snow after Christmas to break up the grey monotony of the British winter. Not expecting much sunshine till end of March, so I’m just hanging in there.

    Love the idea of the vest/t-shirt. Let us know how you get on. I started a vest but never managed to finish it – or anything for myself (probably cos I start hating garments before I’ve finished them!).

    Working on socks for the kids at the moment, except that their feet seem to grow faster than I can knit. lol.

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