kid art




Art has been playing a strong role in our house lately.  Sandra alternates between sketching up whimsical drawings of girls in about 3 minutes and sitting down multiple times to work on elaborate watercolours. Lately she’s been exploring this style of doodling in which small pieces make up larger shapes, much like stained glass.


Stained Glass effect


Matthias, much to everyone’s surprise (including his own), has begun drawing detailed pictures, both from his imagination – usually soccer themed – and from the Draw Write Now series.  He always had such a high level of frustration with those books in the past, never having his fingers do what his mind saw.  Now he’s reached readiness and enjoys the process.  Tias described this drawing as a whale having the best day of its life. “It’s the world’s biggest krill…”


Big Krill, Bigger Whale


Feeling a need to have a stamp that would let me transform regular paper into stationary, I carved a new eraser stamp.  I went for a design that reminded me of a tile – making it easy to repeat it into a pattern.


tile-inspired eraser stamp


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