Recommended Reading

“Did you know that you are more likely to feel successful in homeschooling if you do one thing really well today (invest in it, spend energy on it)? If you let other things go and are fully present for one thing, you’ll feel like you got a lot done. Conversely, if you do a whole bunch of things in a hurry, covering all the material, you will feel discouraged like you didn’t get enough done.

Depth, not breadth, creates momentum in the homeschool. Here’s how you can shift gears to doing one thing at a time… well.”

The One Thing Principle.  I’m so glad Julie re-posted this.  I really needed to read this.  I’ve been feeling scattered and behind.


5 thoughts on “Recommended Reading

  1. Amanda says:

    Oh, thank you for reminding me of that quote! That is exactly what inspired my homeschooling less than two years ago. Why has it gotten so much more complicated lately? (Rhetorical question, obviously.)

  2. kes says:

    I admire your conviction. We moved from Minnedosa to BC a few years back and are homeschooling our oldest. The BC government funds it, provides modules and books. Now we are considering moving back and I understand the MB government doesn’t provide a program. I’m daunted.

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