Progress progressing!
weekly homeschool charts

Talk about relief! Finishing these has been hanging over my head.

From top left, the trail of development.

Last year we used daily organizers and I would just write a list for each kid in their book. That wasn’t the most efficient setup, and sometimes it was too easy to forget to schedule something that only happened once or twice a week. This new system gives us a week at a glance, and gives me room to write in details for those subjects where I can’t just write ‘next lesson’. I need that, especially for the ones I’m developing myself, like our Manitoba/Prairie unit study, working with Excel, etc.

We will probably use them similarly to how we did last year – the kids really liked highlighting something as they completed subjects, and it’s a nice visual marker of progress.


2 thoughts on “charted

  1. grackleandsun says:

    Getting a good planning/logging system in place feels so good! My homeschooling life was changed forever when I realized that I could make a separate homeschooling calendar on my Google Calendars and share it with my kids. So super easy, totally customizable, and good for a visual person like myself.

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