Homeschool Plans

What we’re using:


Sandra – Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2

Matthias – a combination of games and drill to get his multiplication and division solid and quick before testing where he is in Teaching Textbooks

Language Arts:

Sandra – Easy Grammar Plus (second half), dictation, Institute for Excellence in Writing, Inside Stories by Kirkland (a compilation of short stories to explore the key facets of narrative), Vocabulary Vine

Matthias – Vocabulary Vine, dictation, copywork, Institute for Excellence in Writing


Sandra – teen book club.  Details to follow. (ie, yes, a book list!  Delightful book list sharing online continues.)

Tias – a combination of tween and teen book club depending on the titles the teens are covering


Both – Rosetta Stone combined with ‘Basic German’ text by Schenke


Both – Rosetta Stone

Social Studies:

Both – a multidisciplinary exploration of Manitoba and western Canadian geography, geology, ecology, history, politics and anything else I throw in there.  Details to follow.


Sandra – Oak Meadow Biology, weekly with my dad: biochemistry and then probably quantum physics

Matthias – weekly experiments with me, weekly with my dad: Real Science for Kids Chemistry


Sandra – using ‘Excel 2010 Simplified’ from the Teach Yourself Visually series, doing assignments I create

Phys Ed:

Both are required to get at least 45 minutes per day, which is really only an issue a couple of days per week what with all of our activities


Mavis Beacon Typing – Sandra did it, now it’s Matthias’ turn

Reading Trainer App 
– many of these are drills we did while in vision therapy and I want to use it to make both kids stronger, faster readers.


Is that it?  That doesn’t seem like enough, not with all I’ve been doing to get ready for this year.  I spent 2 solid weeks just picking Sandra’s science, though…


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