the best laid plans…

winter storm watch


Unexpectedly, our weekend looked nothing like what we’d planned. No first soccer games of the season. No travel to Winnipeg for the Police Half-Marathon.

But we did get something. Oh, boy, did we get it. Ice rain followed by 20 cm of snow and howling winds.


spring time

spring time


The 30 or so robins that have been living off last year’s crop of crab apples…enlarged and scruffy. They were at times so fluffed up against the cold it was comical.

The dog and the boy and even the papa loved the chance for one last snowball extravaganza.

And then Monday’s high was +10.

Spring can be such a drama queen.


One thought on “the best laid plans…

  1. Anne says:

    Wow. That’s some snow. Hope spring gets some stability for you soon 🙂
    (Not that it is any better here, only we don’t have snow.)

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