as good as jeans

I’m not knitting. It should be a very passive experience – not doing something – but it isn’t. I am very actively not knitting. I am not knitting on the couch. I am not knitting while talking.  I am even not knitting while watching Champions League soccer. I am not knitting. I’m resting my finger. erg.

But in the meantime I might as well remember the good ol’ days, back 8 days ago, when I could knit and make plans and have something to do with myself.


Good as Jeans


Pair 5 of 12 for this year.

Kroy Socks FX: Clay Colors – A nice, thick sock. Sturdy and warm. And the marled effect? Soooo wool socks. When I think of Wool Socks, I think of gorgeously outdoorsy socks like these.

Simple sock with a mock cable ribbing.


One thought on “as good as jeans

  1. Sasha says:

    Oh no! It is an awful thing – a force hiatus from knitting. Perhaps you can throw yourself into the planning of the next project in the mean time?

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