: :

3 months of wear

end of sock

renewed commitment to my policy of making socks only from wool/nylon blends, which was broken for the beauty of these blues but revived and hardened by disappointment


10 thoughts on “blowout

  1. Elizabeth Ann says:

    Oh, so sad. I hate the feeling of discovering this kind of thing. But what are you doing to create such a hole in only 3 months? Are your floors made of sandpaper?

    • Sarah says:

      Just wearing it. Perhaps once a week. Mostly indoors on our hardwood, but mostly I sit and homeschool the kids. Don’t think I’m rushing around cleaning all the time! And I usually walk the dog in the evenings for 30 minutes in my warm boots. That’s it.

  2. Debonli says:

    This has become my conviction as well. Too much time and money for these precious things to develop holes so soon. I’m thinking of trying the nylon
    thread that you knit along with the sock yarn. Learning to darn is on my list too, some day.

  3. Donna says:

    I feel your pain, I blew out a pair in Koigu this week. Very sad-it was one of my favorite colors. I love to knit socks, really love wearing them-but darning? Not so much.

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