August November Socks

November Socks

Pattern: November Socks (free Ravelry pattern)

Yarn: Regia Loop Color, 5768

The eighth pair of socks for the year. (We’re traveling back in time here.  The Ugly Socks jumped the story queue because they were such a matter of tragedy and triumph.)

The November Socks pattern is wonderful. Simple, but with something interesting every 6 rounds to catch your attention and show you that you’ve made progress. It’s super stretchy, too, and would be a good choice if you were going to be giving socks to someone and weren’t absolutely sure of their size.

I modified this to be for Rainer. It was simple, since the pattern is in multiples of 8.  I simply cast on 72 sts.

The designer of these socks, Birgitte Zeuner offered these for free, but they’re part of a great collection of 12 designs called A Year in Socks.  You can get them separately on Ravelry or as a (much more cost-effective) collection on Etsy.


One thought on “August November Socks

  1. woolandchocolate says:

    Looks great! I am contemplating picking up sock knitting. I am more of a sweater and toy knitter, but I can see how nice it would be to have a drawer full of hand knit socks! (Plus, the yarn buying would be cheaper than sweaters!)

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