Handmade Gifts

Thanks for all the great ideas you shared on my last gift post – I’ll work on adding them into the big list soon.  If you were wondering, the new ideas are always added at the bottom of each section.

I’ve got a busy day today – carpet cleaning, cake baking,cycling with Rainer, soccer party, and a bit of knitting – but before I head off to start it all off with porridge, here are a couple of wonderful gift ideas I’ve come across in the last few days:

  • sew these adorable and practical bags: grab bags – such a different approach
  • make ginger ale syrup for that impossible giftee, and then use the leftovers for candied ginger for yourself or someone else.  Waste not, want not.*
  • super simple button-chain earrings

*There are a number of sayings that baffled me as a child.  Like this one.  If I didn’t waste it then I would end up not wanting it?  How was this a good thing?


7 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts

  1. Kandyce says:

    Isn’t it funny how our mind’s work as children?! For years I didn’t understand why the Dry Cleaners had a sign saying, “Plant on Premises”. I’d wonder why I needed to know they had foliage inside. LOL.

  2. Wendy says:

    I’m a bit behind on my RSS feeds, so I missed the original post. But here are some of the things we’ve done.

    We gave a booklover set to all the cousins last year. It’s more adult work, but advanced kids could handle quite a bit of it. It included… a personalized bookplate stamp (handcarved), a personalized bookbag (complete with library card pocket) and a handsewn and painted bookmark (which also function as the gift tag for the whole she-bang).

    Let me just say that adults were jealous of the kids’ presents that evening.


    We also gave a seed sprouting kit for birthdays… http://wisdomofthemoon.blogspot.com/2008/05/seed-sprouting.html

    And a big (but fun) present was to turn my daughter’s band t-shirts into a duvet cover… http://wisdomofthemoon.blogspot.com/2007/10/oh-waitings-so-hard-to-do.html

    I think that’s about it. Thanks so much for compiling this list. I have sent it out to several friends.

  3. Nicole says:

    Sarah, I think the saying means, “If you don’t waste, you’ll have fewer wants; look around you and see if you can use up something – create something new – from what you already have.”

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