Permission is hereby granted to the reader of these words to examine life and then, without guilt or turmoil, declare the need for change.

Permission is hereby granted to those who feel responsibility becoming a burden to rest that burden on the ground for a time; for if we are to be human, we must recognize that change is important, refreshment is vital, and passion is primary.

Permission is hereby granted to those who need it to spend time doing new things, old things, exciting things, restorative things.

Permission is hereby granted to consider the following as essential to being human and thereby essential to your days:

-vast stretches of time spent on art, Lego, craft, or reading

-baking up whatever strikes your fancy

-a week spent in concentrated focus on an unusual topic: a unit study on beaches as an excuse to turn up the heat and wear bathing suits while watching shows on the oceans and listening to the Beach Boys, for instance.

-walking with or without children

-field trips every day of the week

-multiple bubble baths

-boardgames and puzzles


Walking into Spring


Be kind to yourselves. Burnout isn’t pretty. And there’s no point in powering through it if you don’t have to. And you don’t have to if you’re homeschooling.

Laugh. Love. Loaf around. Listen. The learning will happen.

Permission is hereby granted to remember that we’re humans and not robots. Move with the flow. If the flow is blocked, unblock it.

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