don’t be SAD


Today’s picture isn’t a visually complex shot to be sure! It’s my full-spectrum lamp that treats my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Starting in late October and continuing until April, this powerful light is part of my morning routine.

Unless you’ve experienced depression, or, horribly, yearly depression, it’s hard to explain this magic. I sit in front of a lamp, my brain makes chemicals, and I don’t experience a creeping slip into a world of emotional greyness. The carb cravings aren’t in control. I am not trying to sleep 10 or more hours a day. I have hope.

As I’ve written before, this has been a hard 6 months, with burn out and possibly depression dogging my heels, but this lamp still helps. I can feel it in the way I wake hopefully at 5:30, part of me eager for a chemical bath. I smile a little, roll over to snuggle in, and wait for the alarm.

Light in a season of darkness. I wish it for you, too.


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