three views of her

I’m undertaking Project 365 again, although this year it will be 366. A photo a day to capture the mundane and the extraordinary.

Feb 2 - 366:33

Getting ready to videotape the choreography for practicing at home. It’s her first solo! Tap and Michael Jackson.

Feb 14 - 366:45

A watched kettle never boils, but what happens when you can’t take your eye off the plot?

Feb 15 - 366:46

Waiting for her MRI this morning.

There was a partial tear of her ACL last summer and, as any sporty family can tell you, that’s an important bit of a body.  We’re hoping it won’t need surgery.  Just…quirky.


One thought on “three views of her

  1. Ann says:

    A while back you mentioned that your son was reading the Geronimo Stilton books. My son, like yours, has had vision therapy and still does not read willingly and his reading confidence is low. I found the first Geronimo book at the library. He asked me to read him the first chapter so I did, and he loved it. I asked if he thought he could read a chapter a day. Yes, he could! (yea!) Fast forward about a week–yesterday, I was on a deadline and needed about 45 minutes computer time in the morning before we started our schoolwork. He groaned and said he’d just get his reading out of the way. 10 minutes later I found him curled up in the easy chair next to the wood stove, reading. HE READ 6 CHAPTERS!!!! Same story today! I am doing a happy dance here!!!

    Thanks so much for the Geronimo suggestion!

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