busy with…

…lying about?


It may look restful, but I’ve been busy with a fair bit of planning.

I found a shady spot in all this heat and wind. Tea to my right, a lap full of books to sort through. How much of my summer has been thinking through the upcoming school-year? A good deal.  The kids are in Grade 9 and Grade 7. Whoa.  It’s not counting pretzels and rhyming games while walking to the park any more.


2 thoughts on “busy with…

  1. Miranda says:

    Interested in what you’ve ferreted out for your younger one in a social studies vein. Anything nice you’ve encountered in a textbook + workbook style? My youngest is interested in adding sit-down school work for Socials this year.

  2. Kika says:

    Last year, in grade nine, my son did the online Bravewriter expository essay class and we both thought it was great. Just thought I’d mention it. He loves to write and the Bravewriter philosophy has been a large part of that (re: me learning to calm down and give more freedom to him as to content, etc.). I think I learned about the Blog/company from you a few years back. So, thanks for that 🙂

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