Our letter carrier crossed our path the other day as we left the neighbourhood on a run.

Me: Tias, maybe you’d like to be a letter carrier?  (The subject of future careers is on his mind these days.)

T: No.  I want to add something to the world.

Me:   …  Mmm? Like what?

T: I dunno. Working to help animals or something.  Not carying around dead trees.


4 thoughts on “Addition

  1. Shannon B says:

    Oh dear. I would have wanted to sink into the floor. Poor postie – looks like a Pot o’ Gold is coming his way Christmas, eh?

    Not that Tias isn’t right. Or funny.

  2. Jake says:

    What an interesting perspective Tias has.

    I wonder if how much longer (in the grand scheme of things) we’ll have postal carriers?

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