Actual words from this homeschooling mama:

“There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that we’re doing science now. The good news is that it comes with perogies.”

A little bribery and sensory distraction never hurt.

Destiny Disrupted: a History of the World Through Islamic Eyes


It’s a great book. The author reads it, and while he doesn’t have the best voice I’ve heard narrate an audiobook, he does it well and it’s particularly nice to hear the names and words pronounced by someone who knows how. I do miss access to a map, but the audiobook format means I’m actually “reading” it rather than intending to, as I have for two years.

I think it’s a book that everyone in the West would benefit from. It’s clear that our world is fractured into several narratives/mind sets. Understanding -and possibly solutions to some modern problems – will start with knowing more about how others see the flow of history and the themes they identify.

Sandra is doing it as part of a current events/Muslim studies unit.

I’m knitting Hana Hou and I’m running out of yarn. All that’s left to knit are the sleeves and I have two partial balls left. I need advice.

I’m definitely doing long sleeves. I found some natural coloured Sportweight yarn to add in. As I see it I have two options. Both involve keeping the textured cuffs in the grey. But should the rest of the grey go on the bottom or the top?


I’ve measured the swatch as a rough stand in for the cuff, and one of my partial balls is exactly the same as that amount doubled, so that seems clear.

As you can see in the picture, I’ve sketched out a rough plan of the two options. In both options, I knit both sleeves at the same time, using different ends of the ball. I’m not sure, however, how much length I’m going to get from 35g.

Be aware that I’m planning on doing some geometric embroidery in white to bring the colour into the main part of the sweater and look more integrated.


1) white at the top, all the grey at the bottom?

2) grey cuff, white middle, grey sleeve caps?


While I cleaned my parents’ house my dad mentored Matthias in sports psychology.

Early morning. House is quiet. I have the whole table to myself. I have a whole day’s worth of patience.


I’m putting navy corduroy patches on the shoulders and back collar of Rainer’s sweater.

So close to being done!


Designing an “awesome sweater” for Rainer this year has meant accepting that it turned out 5″ too long, putting it away for the summer, and then bringing it out to cut away and redo this fall.

I’m so happy to be getting at this and making headway again. Putting it aside was good, but pulling it out again is better. It’s sweater weather, after all, and putting a sweater on the man of my life is so rewarding.

Post math smiles


I finally ‘got’ what it was about Instagram that made it a big thing in the online world, and I joined up. It’s just such a nice, visual way of connecting with people, more visual than Twitter, which I also love.

So, connect with me there, too, if you want to. I’m PrairiePoppins almost everywhere I log in, so if this link isn’t working for you, just look me up. Here’s the link for Twitter.

I have a bit of a fear of cross-posting, which is part of why I found it hard to blog this summer. Everything I wanted to say seemed to belong on Twitter: short and pithy. But then to put it here, too, seemed like walking into the same room later in the day and announcing the same thing. Of course, it’s really a different room that may or may not have the same occupants, so I do need to get over it.

Pinterest, yep, I’m there too. But mostly for the fashion and the Christmas and the motivational sayings. I find the homeschooling part of it utterly, overwhelmingly full of ‘adorable ideas for posh houses full of early elementary kids’. It’s not really working for me and my teens, except that one of them loves tunnelling deep into it for her own passions and interests. Just not homeschooling.

And if you don’t know I’m on Ravelry, you probably aren’t actually reading this blog.

I’m not on Facebook. I just can’t.

Today’s lunch was store-bought soup and melted cheese on crackers. Sometimes, it’s nice to be brutally simple about meeting our needs.

I’ve been having problems following the script lately, at least when it comes to my hobbies, especially my knitting. It’s not that I don’t have plans. Oh, I have plans! I wanted to knit 6 sweaters this year, for example, and not many of those are for me. I have traditionally loved making lists and proudly checking items off as I went.

It’s not that I don’t have lots of new plans, either. I am enjoying the traditional fall pastime of imaginarily knitting the entire world of possibilities. Sweet dreaming days, these crisp autumnal days.

It’s that when it comes time to actually knit, I don’t cast on anything that’s on my Responsible To Do List. I pick a yarn and a pattern that is totally off the responsibility radar. Or even my radar at all. I need a new project, and I so I surf through the possibilities and often pick something I didn’t even have prior time to dream over and plan.

At the start

It’s a little understandable. Or maybe a lot.

We are full of Responsible these days. Stuffed to the responsible gills. I find I am completely unable and unwilling to apply any sort of Ought or Should to my free time.

After the flurry of prepping our house for Rainer’s parents’ arrival, I cast on a sweater I had never even heard of and almost blissed out while I knit on grey stockinette. No, truth be told, I am still actually blissing out. Oh, stockinette. Oh, simplicity. Oh, glory.


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