walking to work 

I homeschool at home. I design at home. Nearly every hat I wear, I wear at home. Yet I’ve been walking to work for the past month or so. 

::just outside the BU library::

It’s really been walking Rainer to work and then walking home, 20-25 minutes. It started as a way to spend a bit of time with him and enjoy the spring. Then it morphed into a little competition when he got a FitBit too, and I didn’t want him to have such a clear advantage. 

Now it’s morphed into ‘walking to work’. At first the walk is chatty and companionable, then I turn back and start to think of what is most important for me to dig into at home. Matthias has a teenage sleep schedule, so mornings are mostly time alone for me, prime time to Accomplish. 

The walk is a brilliant transition technique. I come home delighted by the flowers I’ve seen, the little changes in the bird populations, the colours of the houses, alive to my surroundings. Physically, I’ve had a bit of a gentle start, but not so gentle that I’m a blob. Mentally, I’m ready to focus on important tasks and make headway. 

So…what to do when winter comes? It’s one thing to enjoy this habit now, but what will happen in the steely, grey days of November?


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