March needed colour

Over-dyeing experiment

I started with this Oatmeal colour of Berocco Vintage.  It was a colour I ordered online and it wasn’t at all what I’d hoped it would be.  Every other oatmeal from a yarn company I’d seen looked far paler (like oats) while this was a weirdly warm beige in person.  It’s an acrylic wool blend, and I wasn’t sure how well it would overdye.  But I got the itch and threw it in with some KoolAid over lunch yesterday.

Over-dyeing experiment

First I soaked it, then skeined it up and microwaved it with 2 packages of cherry.

Over-dyeing experiment

It looked like it had gone all the way through while it was cooking, but I was totally fooled and the insides were still the original colour.

Over-dyeing experiment

Once it was cool, I put two slip knots in it and tossed it in with a package of orange.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that result.  I had a great mix of cherry and orange, but enough of the original survived and just didn’t look right with the tones of the dye.  So I opened it up and put in a package of cherry to give the whole thing a unifying colour.  In retrospect I ought to have tried a half package, since I lost the orange except as an undertone that still looks lovely.

Over-dyeing experiment

It turned out a beautiful, soft, autumnal colour.  I’m browsing patterns for about 200m (220 yds) of worsted weight if you have any suggestions.


One thought on “March needed colour

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Not sure what you should make, but I love that you described the colours through the flavour names of the koolaid! The results are pretty too 🙂

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