Doorstep excitement

It’s a wonderful moment, isn’t it, when the world at large arrives at your doorstep and offers you mystery?  Letters filled with words that add up to laughter and tears.  Packages filled with cookies from Oma or supplies to make things that weren’t there suddenly come into being.

Today held that sort of moment for me.  A ring of the doorbell.  A curious peek through the window.  And then a package marked ‘Royal Mail’, which will always thrill me.  We might have the same queen on our stamps but Canada Post is not Royal Mail.

It was the yarn from Fyberspates for the new version of the plaid cowl for A Playful Day‘s Designalong!  The Scrumptious base of yarn living up to its name, managing to produce a glow from the silk mix even under grey and snowy skies.  Water, Slate, and Moss nestled in the package.

With this, the publication of the cowl really is nearing actuality.  I’ll swatch a bit.  I’ll knit a bit.  Soon there will be a new cowl to wrap around my neck.  Sandra and I will have to brainstorm using our best brains for a great photo shoot location in the ugly brown that March brings when the snow is finally gone.


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