Working it

I’ve been commuting this week and this was my view. Vast, sweeping vistas of wind-sculpted snow, peeping contrasts of golden stalks, and blue-blue shadows under endless skies. If I dyed yarn I’d try to capture these beautiful shades. 

I’ve been commuting to a town about 35 minutes away for a small business seminar. It was all the things I didn’t know that I didn’t know. Or at least a pointed hint that I didn’t know it and it should go on a list. 

 It was a week just jammed with things I’m uncomfortable with, frankly. But now they mostly make sense in a way that will at the very least let me look them up and understand what I’m reading.  

I’ve written such a list! And the test knitters are busy asking questions and sharing pictures of their versions of the cowl so I’ve been busy on the knitting side of things, too. 

I’ve even registered my business name.  I’ll leave you guessing for a while. I want the logo to be part of the reveal and that is still an item on the list rather than a reality. 

Anyone want to guess the name? I welcome all of your guesses, especially joke names. 


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