you’re my favourites


All the people who voted for me and supported me are my favourite people today! You guys are wonderful! You helped me win.

I’m so excited. This contest was something that inspired me to turn hopes into goals, and ideas into plans. That fire to accomplish things alone has been worth participating. The outpouring of support that accompanied it was just…super!

Thanks to the generous, creative woman behind A Playful Day podcast. If you’re interested in knitting and not using the internet to hang out with A Playful Day, you should be. She’s got a great blog and a wonderful podcast. I’m really grateful to her for putting this contest together and I’m looking forward to her advice.

Right now I’m working on typing up the first draft of the pattern, well, after I finish running around doing a Muppet-inspired happy dance that involves a lot of arm flailing. It’s funny, but I bought Kate Atherley’s book “Pattern Writing for Knit Designers” when it first came out a few weeks ago, and now I feel that emailing her the pattern to tech edit is going to be like handing in a final exam to Professor Knitter! Did I read the book, absorb its principles, follow the checklist?

I’m really excited to talk to Jeni at Fyberspates and decide what colours I’ll use to work up the final cowl because her company will be providing yarn support for the pattern. (My family keeps giving me a funny look when I say, “Yarn support”. It isn’t a bra, it’s yarn from a company to knit up a design.) It means that I will be getting luscious yarn from the U.K.. And that means a very good mail day, indeed!

I’m grateful for you today. Thanks, everyone, for being awesome.


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