Help me win professional design assistance

My cowl design made it to the final stage of a New Designs competition from A Playful Day podcast!

Three colour plaid cowl

The winner gets professional tech editing, social media guidance, and yarn from Fyberspates. It would be an incredible opportunity.

You van vote here in Ravelry by simply clicking the ‘Love’ button. In case the link is giving you trouble, it’s the DesignAlong voting thread in the APlayfulDay podcast group.

Thre Colour Plaid Cowl

Features of the Cowl:

-only one colour per row
-squooshy, deep fabric that doesn’t curl
-woven plaid look with simple slipped stitches pattern
-button closure so you don’t have to pull it over you head and mess your hair if that’s important
-tall enough to stand up and fight the winter wind if you want to
-could be a two colour cowl, and would be fabulous with a gradient and a contrasting solid

I would leap at a chance to reknit it in a new set of colours from Fyberspates. I have been wondering what it would look like with two greys as the background verticals and one bright colour as a pop of colour travelling horizontally. Maybe a leaf green. When I think of this colour combination, a photo of my dad’s comes to mind, this freshly sprouting field, with strong lines.

Three colour plaid cowl


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