Press the Start Button

I wonder how the word venture differs from the word adventure exactly. Both imply beginnings and risk. I’ll have to go investigate the etymology after I tell you about my new venture.

I am starting a business designing knitting patterns, and possibly dyeing yarn. This may seem to be a bit of a contrast or possibly even a total roadblock to my ‘no goals, be happy’ mantra for 2015. But I’m not setting rules about this or business goals. I am moving forward, doing what makes me happy about the process. This is very different than the ’12 pairs of socks in 2012′ goal.

Aplayfulday podcast is running a design contest in which the prize is quite substantial help turning an idea into a published pattern: tech editing, social media support, and hand-dyed yarn to knit it in. She announced it just as I was starting my homeschooling sabbatical and it seemed right to play along.

Sandra and I headed off for an outdoor photoshoot today. In the winter, yes. Canadians are hardy. I climbed a pile of frozen garbage that fortuitously happened to be below a fetching green doorway that hovered in a yellow brick wall. Sandra held a metal camera while wearing fingerless mitts.


We had a warming trip for lattes and scones. It let us look through the photos and critique what was going on. Why was I always squinting? The cowl needed to bunch less in that way. Oh, check out those cool shots, let’s head back and make them even better.


I’m writing up my pitch. Sandra’s working some kind of voodoo magic in Lightroom. The possibilities are vast.


Right now, I’m having trouble distinguishing between venture and adventure.


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