He’s big enough. It’s big.


The evocatively named Modell 21. Project Notes here


When we were staying in Germany in 2008 for Rainer’s sabbatical, I bought a booklet of men’s sweater patterns. To my surprise, it was Matthias who picked one out and started lobbying for it immediately. I made him wait. For many reasons, mostly selfish. But it turns out that it was very good that I waited this long. He’s wearing the smallest size, and redoing the math for a sweater that isn’t a seamless raglan is currently beyond my scope of practice. And besides, he’s been growing like a weed and if he outgrows it now, it will at least fit Rainer.


In the original, the cables are simply repeated across the body with no consideration given to the arm shaping or the neck shaping. One of the small rope cables runs into the collar and stops, yet on the other side it runs merrily alongside the neck and straight up to the shoulder. I just could not let that pass. So I sat down with the charts for the cables and sketched out the sweater and reorganized things until the body front and back had a symmetrical plan. Phew. That felt better.



Many thanks to Sandra for mastering photography so quickly. Her photos are beautiful, and I am so proud to note that this one demonstrates that she can operate her Nikon and throw snowballs at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Big

  1. Constance says:

    Wow! That sweater is amazingly awesome. So beautiful. I’m super impressed that you reworked it to make it symmetrical but it does look great.

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