Harry Potter House Cup

Want to leap down the rabbit hole with me?


I ask, because I thought you might love it but need some help. I've been hearing about the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup for years, and have visited the group thinking it sounded interesting, and I have never figured out where the heck the starting point was! It’s a very active group, with dozens of subsections, overlaid with Harry Potter jargon which has been further jargonized into the knitting and crochet world.

But there is a starting point, and someone showed me the way.

What is it all? The tagline of the group is: “Are you a HP fan? Do you like competition? How awesome can you be in a month?” (How awesome can you be in a month? I love that.) Well, imagine hundreds of knitters, weavers, etc, divided into the 4 Houses of Hogwarts, making things and earning points. That’s really the bare bones of it all – a knitting community dedicated to linking your handwork to bonus internet nothing points!


It’s all done through the guise of Hogwarty terminology. There are classes like Herbology and Arithmancy and Defence Against the Dark Arts. They have prompts that change every month. Herbology might prompt you to turn in homework (aka a project) inspired by Monkshood, which is a flower that’s purplish blue – knit a blue thing, knit a hood, crochet a cowl. Half the fun seems to lie in figuring out how to tie what you want to knit to the assignments. There’s a lot of fun storytelling involved in submitting the projects.

If you join, you are committing to turn in one class per month. That’s it. And class assignments can be tiny projects like little hats for Christmas tree ornaments.

Now there’s a lot more to it. For bigger projects and bigger points there are secret missions for the Order of the Phoenix, or you can write your O.W.L. exam, or even a N.E.W.T! But that’s the heart of it: make things, tie them to prompts, earn points for your very welcoming and awesome community.

Do you want to play? Right now, you join as a Not Quite First Year. Click over to the Not Quite First Year Lounge. There are links at the top to the Slideshow of Necessity (so helpful!) and other useful things. The discussion thread is jammed with welcoming and helpful people who just really want you to have fun and understand what is going on. Ask me if you’re too shy to ask the moderators (but they’re amazing and you should ask them).

To have priority to get sorted for the next term, you need to enter one ‘assignment’ per month in Jan, Feb, and March. That’s why I’m telling you now. Knit a little something. Maybe a washcloth in blue. Maybe something round to match the Ancient Runes assignment. And hopefully, we’ll all get our letters from Hogwarts in a few months!


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