little things are big

I had a rather daunting yet charming idea.

Tiny Team Spirit Sweaters

I’m assistant coach for the Brandon University Bobcats soccer team. It’s a brand new team, just getting underway. It was our first season. That’s the kind of thing to commemorate.

Tiny Team Spirit Sweaters

So I made a tiny sweater ornament for each player. BU on front, their number on the back. 18 in total, plus one with C for coach for Rainer and me. (He’s the head coach.)

Tiny Team Spirit Sweaters

They turned out to be less daunting than I’d imagined in terms of time. I got really, really good at them. I even really found my rhythm with all the duplicate stitching for the yellow bits.

Of course, now I’ve set a precedent. But I’m already scheming for next year.
Pattern info for those who want it: Team Spirit Mini Sweaters. I have always done fingering weight sweaters in the past, so found these sport weight ones quite fast. I adapted the pattern a bit as you’ll see in my notes. In particular, I’ve discovered that I’m quite opinionated about sleeve length and feel that most patterns write them too long.


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