Calling in sick


When work and home are blended, when you’re simultaneously your own boss and the boss of others, when there are no clear boundaries, how do you call in sick?

I’m a firm believer in changing outfits when you can’t change settings. If it’s time for a big chore session, I wear shoes in the house to reinforce it. When I need to call in sick, I change out of the clothes I’m wearing into something utterly loungewear. The laundry might need doing. The dog hair might be tumble-weeding past the couch. The math books are on the table. But despite the fact that I can still see my work, I’m not dressed for it.

Send a signal to yourself and others that you’re not about to climb every mountain or ford every stream. You’ve got your pyjamas on, and you might be ordering takeout for supper.

“Be gentle, world, for I am wearing flannel.”


One thought on “Calling in sick

  1. CathyT says:

    Be well and embrace the flannel. I have been thinking of your posts and hoping you are taking time for yourself. Flannel is one way but I wish you weren’t sick to go along with it.

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