I finally ‘got’ what it was about Instagram that made it a big thing in the online world, and I joined up. It’s just such a nice, visual way of connecting with people, more visual than Twitter, which I also love.

So, connect with me there, too, if you want to. I’m PrairiePoppins almost everywhere I log in, so if this link isn’t working for you, just look me up. Here’s the link for Twitter.

I have a bit of a fear of cross-posting, which is part of why I found it hard to blog this summer. Everything I wanted to say seemed to belong on Twitter: short and pithy. But then to put it here, too, seemed like walking into the same room later in the day and announcing the same thing. Of course, it’s really a different room that may or may not have the same occupants, so I do need to get over it.

Pinterest, yep, I’m there too. But mostly for the fashion and the Christmas and the motivational sayings. I find the homeschooling part of it utterly, overwhelmingly full of ‘adorable ideas for posh houses full of early elementary kids’. It’s not really working for me and my teens, except that one of them loves tunnelling deep into it for her own passions and interests. Just not homeschooling.

And if you don’t know I’m on Ravelry, you probably aren’t actually reading this blog.

I’m not on Facebook. I just can’t.


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