I’m almost done the post about Matthias’ homeschooling this year. In the past week I’ve done a lot: been sick, coached soccer, prepped for and then welcomed Rainer’s parents for a visit. Last week was bafflingly hot. 34C one day. As of yesterday, though, the energy and zip of autumn were back in the air.

Knit Night Hat, modified
Knit Night Hat

It’s great to be back in my fall/winter wardrobe. I never feel like I quite nail summer dressing. But layers and dark colours give me play for the dramatic yet classic style I feel flatters me.

I’ve taken Sandra to our favourite cafe this morning, to make math and Monday seem more palatable. It was a good call. She’s much more settled and patient than I think she was headed for. And it means that I have time to send you this quick hello as I type up the longer post for tomorrow.


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