First Day of Backpack

First Day of School (with a backpack)

It’s the first time our back-to-school season has involved a backpack.

The local university has 90-level courses in maths and sciences for those who need to get prerequisites for the 100-level classes. Sandra is taking Physics 90 and Chemistry 90 as her grade 12 science credits this year. (We are doing biology at home.)

We are really happy about this. It gives her a slow transition into university, into being marked by a non-relative, into working in labs, and it gives her a chance to meet people.

Each class covers the material from Gr 11 and 12, so we’re hoping that mostly it’s a review of information and the newness lies in the setting and the testing. It’s 6 hours per week of class and 5 hours of labs. That’s a big shift for us. It means that a sizeable chunk of our week is gone, and we’ve been creative in planning how to do all we’d love to do this last year together. More on that to come.


3 thoughts on “First Day of Backpack

  1. Ann says:

    Have you ever used the podcast “Craft Lit” or “Just the Books”? Your mention of Jane Eyre made me remember how much more I enjoyed listening to it with Heather’s (podcaster) explanations and background discussion. I learned so much listening to the classics with Heather as a guide. She has done many classics. The CraftLit podcast includes 15-20 minutes of crafty chat (often knitting) before the book discussion begins. Just the Books is the same podcast, minus the crafty chat.

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