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Drawstring bags

Sandra will be done Monday, with Tias finishing up later next week. As the school year winds down, Sandra is doing a little bit of Home Ec to finish up her year. We are all doing a *lot* of soccer as we watch the World Cup. Oodles of soccer. And this World Cup the games are exciting, unpredictable, and fun to watch. I remember watching the round of 32 in South Africa with more of a sense of duty than delight.

We’ve been using this wonderful Drawstring Bag tutorial.

Drawstring bags

These are bags that I’ve done for myself, inspired by our shopping trip. The green one is the original size from the tutorial. The orange one I sized up to store bigger sweater projects. It’s wider than deep, and it’s a wee bit off in proportions, but I like it still. The blue one is a request from my sister who was looking to add something special at a very strict budget for a swap package.

I’ve never had a project bag that I bought, and the last round of bags I made for myself weren’t lined and the drawstrings and their placement weren’t very nicely done. Keeping my projects in these bags has been so nice. Up next I may try a box bag with a zipper.


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