I can’t say enough about ravello! ‘Boyfriend’ in design, but sensuous to wear. Strong lines, great sweater!



Everything about it is just right: the yarn, the colours, the style. I love that I can wear it next to skin – I’m pretty sensitive – and get that feeling of air moving through the weave while also feeling warm on these cool spring nights. I love the unfinished collar. I love the extra slouch I added to the arm length.


Sandra spotted this amazing location for pictures while we were on a run. It’s the zig-zagging pedestrian ramp up to one of the bridges in the city. She’s got a real eye for structure. And a great touch with photography! I foresee a real up-tick in the quality of the photos of my my knitting projects.

She wants one of these sweaters. I want a second. This pattern is a real hit.

I wanted the sweater in the original colour (and judging by the photos on Ravelry of the other finished projects so did nearly everyone else!). The yarn store in Germany didn’t have a good red in this yarn line – it had a real pinkish, cherry tinge to it. I’m really glad I spotted this green, and that it worked (nearly) as well as the original. It was the last ball in the shop of that colour. On the first sleeve I measured and measured and measured, but when I came to the second I ran out of green way earlier than anticipated. Maybe my scale isn’t that accurate at small amounts; it is pretty old. So rather than leave people with the uneasy unconscious task of trying to figure out if I’m off or if my sweater’s off, I went back a bit, changed it to more light grey and then added a wrist stripe to highlight the difference.


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