Beginning of the End

June Joys

Sandra’s been done math for a week now. What a difference it makes to her day to have one less subject!


3 thoughts on “Beginning of the End

  1. Mrs. A. says:

    Congrats! We usually start to say goodbye to subjects at the beginning of June as The Boy Child likes to be finished his math by his birthday. Not so this year…This year, as things are wrapping up, things are ramping up as well. We’re getting ready for our first foray into structured virtual classes. Still, I’m noticing lots of signs that the season is changing. Cheers!

  2. moominmamma says:

    LOL, at first I thought you meant the end of math forever. My ds is doing German, and his last day — forever, likely — will be Friday, but that’s because he is only doing it to fulfill post-secondary admission criteria. I suppose I had that on my mind. I have a little math fiend who was thrilled to “finish math” this year in March because it meant she could immediately start the next book. We’re not structured homeschoolers, though, so it’s totally up to her when and if she stops and starts. Do you find a lot of review is necessary after a two or three month break?

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