a feast

Ordinarily, I keep my knitting rather tightly focused on 2 projects. Usually it breaks down on 1 portable, 1 big or 1 complicated, 1 simple. That just works for me as I love the solid progress I feel when I am doing that, and I like feeling that I’m not leaving something behind. I’m the kind of knitter who is knitting something because I want to wear it. I want it sooner rather than later. The idea that a project might get lost in the shuffle ordinarily makes me itchy.


Occasionally, I decide that it’s a treat day, and rather than a one-pot meal I whip up a feast. This time it was triggered by two knitalongs. Stash Dash 5k is a yearly summer race to get 5000m of yarn spun or knit. It starts soon, but is so cheater friendly. As you can see in the picture, my Ravello is almost done – body and one arm knit up and I’m working on the second arm. If I finish that arm before May 23, it won’t count for Stash Dash, so I decided to start something new. And then that became somethingssss new. All of a sudden, I wanted to just cast on what I felt like. It was a dizzying Saturday morning of choosing yarns and patterns and knitting a little bit on everything.


(Rather than linking everything, here’s a link to my project page.)

Because of the Month of Socks knitalong from MustStash Podcast, I was thinking about socks. Did I have a sock on the go? Yes, but it was far enough into the first sock that I knew not finishing before May 23rd would be an issue. Did I have a sock that I was ignorning? Yes, but the fiddliness of knitting with two balls of yarn on my Scrap Socks was utterly unappealing.

In keeping with the ‘do what I want because it’s making me happy’ theme, I cast on 1) a pattern that I’ve been meaning to try for a while and 2) yarn that I’ve been meaning to try for a while. Monkey Socks – yes, Monkey Socks – are a pattern that has been knit and recorded on Ravelry approximately 17,000 times but I have never tried. So I cast on a pair in purple. And then there’s the Gynx sock yarn club I joined last year. It was my first sock yarn club. 3 months, 3 skeins of sock yarn with colours taken from Miazaki films. It was time to work on a pair. That’s them in the buckskin with blue and red speckles. The Jeck Pattern, a wonderfully simple but effective pattern.

I had decided I was going to ignore the Scrap Socks, and had written them out of my mind. But I took them out from the cupboard for this photo shoot and discovered that I’d actually finished the first one already. How charming! I may have a soft spot for them after all.


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