ThrowBack Thursday

It’s a thing, ThrowBack Thursday, where you post pictures of yourself from…before.

But it’s also an idea I had about homeschooling this week.

As I prepped for the conference, I gathered info from the panellists who were talking about their homeschooling methods – moms of children in the elementary years. I also wrote up my own lists and daily rhythm for the panel on homeschooling teens. For each panel, we were providing handouts of books used, basic approaches, etc. That way the audience didn’t madly have to scribble down notes of particular resources. The contrast between what I wrote for our typical day and the memories of homeschooling in our early years that the other handout conjured was something that stuck in my mind. Or, to be more explicit, stuck in my heart.

The difference between “they mostly work independently” and “we spend a lot of time reading aloud on the couch”.

The contrast between “we’re struggling to help our son find his passion” and “when things get rough we head out to the park”.

The difference between “the kids work off a checklist” and “we are project-based and it gives us enthusiasm”.


I wondered, how can I bring that back?

Here’s what I’m brewing: ThrowBack Thursdays. Once a month, on a Thursday, we ditch the high school stuff, and have a Good Old Day.

Bring out the storybooks.
Have tea and pancakes.
Go on treasure hunts. (a former favourite method to get them reading through clues)
Play board games.
Do some art.


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