line break at the Louvre

Line Break at the Louvre

Line Break at the Louvre

We had not quite 3 days in Paris, and didn’t go into the Louvre. We were largely there to see the Impressionists and Paris itself, so we just walked through the grounds of the famous museum this time and took some fun pictures. So this post does not contain the thrilling account of a family on the run in the Louvre, nor an important tip on how to escape the lines at the Louvre, nor anything to do with the lineups at the Louvre.

Instead, its about Line Break, a geometric shawl pattern by Veera Välimäki. Easy, rewarding knitting. Perfect travel project. And as it was about 5-10 degrees cooler than I had packed for, I was very glad to finish it early in our trip to Europe and have it to wear!

I want to block this much more sternly. In Germany I could only soak it and spread it out – no pins, no wires. It’s a big shawl, but I want it bigger (deeper in particular).

Mods: Added a stripe of white after the eyelet rows. To keep the short rows from then making a zig-zag look across the white, I added an extra garter ridge of blue before doing the short rows.

Also added a garter ridge of white in the edging. Did one eyelet, one white ridge, more blue eyelets. I would have liked to have at least 2 more eyelets deep to give it a little more ‘blue weight’ but I didn’t have the yarn.

Line Break at the Louvre

Line Break at the Louvre


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