and then we were back


Home. What a word. A longed-for place, a mood, an enfolding by waves of security.

But also a return to normal days. Routines. Chores. Pet hair.

The transition is proving hard this time. It doesn’t help that we had 4 weeks of spring and the feeling of burgeoning freedom and energy that brings, but returned to 5cm of freshly fallen winter.

We’re ready for summer vacation, but yet cognizant that there is limited time left in high school to cover all the things we want to, need to. Torn between wanting to chuck it all and buckle down even harder.

At least I’ve managed to avoid RTDLS this time. That’s Re-Entry To Do List Syndrome. I usually hit home with a list of lists, like a New Year’s Resolution gone madly overboard. This time I’m taking it day by day, task by task, trusting myself to do the right things without a list. Without the pressure of a list. Without the ambition of a list.

In that moment-by-moment living, I have carried the holiday home with me.


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