3 days in Paris, three


We all agree that the Eiffel Tower is, frankly, a perfect piece of fabrication. Mighty yet delicate. Lace made of iron. Beautiful to look at. Easy to photograph. And it also gives beautiful views of a city worth looking at.



The wind blew up shortly before we got to the Eiffel Tower, and it was cold up there. Climbing the stairs to the second level was a welcome chance to heat up a bit before taking the elevator to the top. Second level was best, though, with the city spread out before you rather than below you. (My thoughts on this might have been different if the smog and haze hadn’t hampered the view from the top.)


Despite the huge amount of walking we did that day, we found that a rest back at the tiny apartment gave us enough rejuvenation to walk back after the sun went down.

We were not fans of ‘the twinkle’, though. At night, on the hour, it pulses with hundreds of white lights. It’s frenetic and garish. Happily, it only lasts a few minutes before the Tower returns to a gorgeous gold and black tracery.





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