Warm and Cosy

Cold, cold fingers. Cold, cold prairie. Cold, cold wind.

Why are there no warm, warm mittens in my collection?

Nor'Easter Mittens

Nor'Easter Mittens

Pop of Colour

Colourwork mittens with a liner. Oh, my hands are so cosy! And I’m so excited by how well my knitting skills have come along that I was able to do these without much drama. There is a mistake or two in one section of the first mitten that I meant to redress with duplicate stitch, but I was so excited to knit the liners in that I forgot to do it first.

These were one of two Ravellenic Games projects – knit within the time constraints of the Winter Olympics.

Pattern: Nor’Easter Mittens
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport in Bare and Baltic Heather, Fleece Artist leftovers in an unknown berry colour for liner


5 thoughts on “Warm and Cosy

  1. Debbie says:

    Gorgeous. And I know what you mean about a minimal amount of drama while trying a new knitterly thing. I just discovered stretchy cast on and was so pleased with how quickly I mastered it. It saved a hat I was knitting from an alpaca/wool blend which made a lousy ribbing without the special cast on. I had to reknit the hat but the pain was worth it in the end.

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