What is the sound of one hand clapping?

What is the sound? Especially if the hand is wearing a nearly completed mitten?

I’m a little punchy here, but I’m going to paste in something I wrote today over on a discussion board about my Ravellenic knitting project. For those of you who are not knitters, the Ravellenics is where knitters try to knit a challenge during the Olympic Games.


PrairiePoppins to team sports psychologist: “I’m beginning to think that this thumb is smarter than I am.”

(Pause while psychologist pools up video.) “Ok, I’ve seen the replays of your practice runs last night. But that’s not why you’re here now. You’ve talked to your coaches. You’ve covered the technical angles. So let’s get inside your head.”

PrairiePoppins takes a swig of smoothie and nods expectantly.

Sports psychologist: “You’re all turned around. The beginning is the end.”

PrairiePoppins throws smoothie against the wall, leaving a giant berry-coloured splash, and races out of the half-finished Sochi hotel room skipping and shouting, “The beginning is the end! The beginning is the end!”

….The Russian Government and the International Olympic Committee would like to apologize to PrairiePoppins. The unfortunate incident wherein the Ravellenics athlete was tackled by the security guards should never have happened. Her important row-related breakthrough was interpreted as a Taoist terror attack. It was not…


PrairiePoppins to news reporter before the semi-finals: “I have a good feeling that I’ve sorted this thing out and can stop knitting a row, scowling, knitting the next row, tinking back, and putting the knitting down, you know? I’m inspired by the snowboarders. The halfpipe is trashed, but they keep throwing themselves into it. I gotta be that way. The beginning is the end. Truth.”


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