er, no

I’m so glad that we’ve been working hard for weeks now and have a well-deserved break coming up…er, no…hang on…I’m gonna go check the calendar and get back to you…

Riiiiight. Ok, then.

So, happy first week back after the holidays, guys! How’s it going?


One thought on “er, no

  1. Rain says:

    Hahaha! Since we’re just kicking off, our first week of home”school” is all about Observations…we’re not doing any school work, just following whims and interests and attitudes to see how everything naturally flows. Next week we’ll start Visioning – what and how we want to study/spend our days. Planning comes week 3 (collecting materials, drafting schedules (or not) and mentally preparing ourselves for the weeks ahead), and then we’ll do a Trial Run and modifications before officially starting academic work on February 3rd.

    For my 7 year old, this week mostly means binging on video (thankfully mostly things like Stephen Hawking’s “Into the Universe” and “Extreme Enginieering but still there’s been a shocking amount of video…) until I drag him out of the house to swim or run errands or something. I was hoping he’d get it out of his system & admit boredom. For a few hours yesterday, I thought we were over the hump, but today he’s sick and is back in extreme viewing mode.

    For me, I’ve been busy gathering information, working with Evernote, taking us out to visit homeschool groups, classes and the like. And, trying to work out how I’m going to keep working from home with DS home 24/7.

    But, we’re both feeling relaxed and happy and so grateful for this time, and optimistic about our future! Wishing the same for you.

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