ever hopeful

new year, new organization…

I worked hard during the holiday to keep it a holiday, but a little bit of improving spirit crept in.

Our checklist system works well. Sandra has hers divided into morning and afternoon. Matthias prefers a single list and the freedom to swap things around during the day. The problem is that lists only work if you refer to them. Sandra is conscientious about her list, Matthias less so. He needed something that was more ‘in his face’ and less ‘in his binder’.

New year, new organization

We were in Staples on Boxing Day to solve our keyboard/mouse issues, and this blackboard and bulletin board idea stopped being something I was musing over and hopped into our cart. I’m happy that it did.

It’s at eye-level at the doorway to the kitchen, and important doorway for a teenage boy. It’s Tuesday, and far to early to call it a success. I am, however, hopeful. *

There is no room for my list, though. Juggling in a few self-education tasks on top of All Of The Tasks isn’t going well when I’m relying on memory alone. I’m trying to come up with a solution that doesn’t add clutter.

– – – – –
*Of course, being hopeful in January is the only way to get through the second half of winter without losing your mind. If you’re not hopeful just after the holidays, you’re probably toast in the coming weeks.


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