March of the Gnomes

Every Christmas I get caught in a flurry of small knitted things. I’ve gone through tiny sweater ornaments, for instance, several times. I thought I had it out of my system this year as I’ve already knit 4 small snowmen. But I am – and always have been – weak around quirky holiday things. Especially things that evoke a Scandinavian gnomish whimsy. I found the 3 Gnomes pattern and knew I’d met my match. They had clear execution, strong design, and tall, tall red hats. And the noses!

Gnome the First

The pattern is written for worsted weight. They would make magnificent table toppers, shelf sitters, or toys. I’ve started mine in fingering weight because my selection of worsted wouldn’t do them any justice at all. This Gnome lays in my hand with room to spare – about 5 inches I’d guess.

Gnome the Second is underway. A dapper grey gentleman, he’ll be a little more subdued than the exuberant fellow I’ve already completed.


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