crafting sweatshop?

…I just gotta finish up 9 more hats.
…I need to get 14 more batches of homemade fudge done.
…Let’s see: 21 days divided by 4 quilt tops…

You don’t need to make gifts. Stores sell knitted things if toes or fingers truly need warmth. Bakeries bake. Local stores with helpful staff have fabulous gifts. So if you are stressed, if your forearm is stiff from knitting, if your sewing machine is out instead of your supper, why not decide to buy a few gifts this year?

I can get so caught up in this thinking: I love to knit. I love my family/friends. I love it when they love my knitted gifts. Therefore I must knit them gifts to love.

There are two solutions to making myself feel better about the whole thing:

1) freeing myself from having to Knit All The Gifts

2) changing my wording so that I remember that I’m the one in control: “I choose to knit this gift” rather than “I have to knit this gift”. Putting the power back into my hands really reminds me that I’m a) making choices and b) usually really happy with my choice to knit X.

Remember: there’s a big difference between the swirling energy of secrecy and possibility in your personal Santa’s workshop and the frantic, frenetic, and unhappy miasma of “Gotta/Hafta/Must”.


3 thoughts on “crafting sweatshop?

  1. Rachel B. says:

    Great post! I had to rethink my gift list when the calendar turned to December and I realized there was no way I was going to complete everything I wanted to make. I made my 3 kids a “have to” and everyone else is a “maybe”. This is our first year as a family of 5 I’d like to start the tradition of making them each a sweater or cardigan for Christmas every year. I’d hate to mess it up the first year 🙂

  2. Mrs. A. says:

    Good thoughts! So true! Myself, after knitting for others for most of the year, I have decided to not knit for Christmas. So freeing! Looking froward to seeing how your Christmas season is shaping up. You’ve motivated me to do some cookies this year!

  3. Leanne says:

    Love the idea here. Its the mindset. I just finished a scarf for my hubby. So now I am working on an elective infinity scarf… if it gets done its a bonus!

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