Cookie time!

After a two-year hiatus, our cookie extravaganza is back!

cookie time

We love this project. We bake delicious cookies and people order them. The net result is hundreds of dollars raised for overseas work to lift people out of poverty. This year we have chosen to raise money for Free the Children, a magnificently thorough organization. Originally focused on freeing children from slave labour, they quickly realized that a whole set of conditions were needed in order to create a society where the children had no need to be working. Now they focus on providing 5 pillars in every location they are active in: clean water, education, alternative income, food security, and health.

This is the same organization that puts on the We Day events. Sandra attended a summer camp with them this year, a Leadership camp. It was – like everything else with this organization – thoughtfully done, powerful, effective, and amazing. She decided that clean water would be our focus for fundraising. As she put it – clean water is the foundation for the other 4. With clean, accessible water, girls attend school rather than walk to fetch water, growing crops is easier, health is improved, and even income-generating projects are easier.

So far we’ve made more than 300 candy cane crunchies, 70 lemon cheesecake squares, 100 pieces of fudge, 70 gingerbread, and 100 chocolate orange shortbread. In past years, our orders will add up to more than 1800 cookies. It’s work, but it’s fun. Last Saturday, my hair smelled of gingerbread for hours after we were done baking!

If you don’t live near us, you can still help. Shop in their store for some of your gifts. Get involved with one of their campaigns.

Our slogan this year is: Change the world, just don’t leave any crumbs! 🙂


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